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Names matter, but we’re doing them wrong
65% 65% are not able to pronounce the names of others correctly at first.
82% 82% of unfamiliar names are changed to easier or shorter names by a speaker.
98% 98% of the mispronunciation of names can be corrected in simple ways.

You and Your name
are your own personal brand

AudioNames +

Record and share your name pronunciation with blended features you can build your name page and micro-website
or embed anywhere. 

Think of it, All-in-one personal digital business card

Which gives you an opportunity to put all your information
on a single page to connect with the world.  

Don’t think it as another social media profile,
treat it like your personal brand with your name on it.  

For you
For work
For family
For school
About You. Your Name.
Make it easy for people to learn!

Establish your online identity, build your personal brand to recognize, increase credibility, confidence and trust.

Helps others to learn more about you and your name  

About Team. About People.
Make it easy to know people on your team!

Build one-page sites for people directory whether it's an company's team, classroom, staff directory, or sports team.

Works for every type of team. 

Perfect for every team to learn about each other!    

AudioNames Dictionary

Don’t know how to say someone’s name

Look It Up - Audio pronunciation dictionary which also helps in finding the right pronunciation of any people names.

The exclusive pronunciation search engine

More than 1+ millions of names indexed it works on every browsers & OS, smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.

SIMPLE app that solves a BIG issue

Pronouncing someone’s name correctly can make people feel honoured and respected which aren't hard when practiced even unfamiliar names.

Contribute to the AudioNames
AudioNames is tailor-made for knowledge-sharing community Participate in community, share your trusted content and help each other.
Share knowledge
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As you learn, share your knowledge, get badges of appreciations and IQ to unlock levels. get recognized in community with learners around the world. Try out AudioNames for yourself
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