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AudioNames Referral Program
Refer a friend and get rewarded.

Want 30% cash? Find out how you and your friend can get 30%
when you refer them to AudioNames!

Give your friends a 30% discount and get your self a 30%.

You Earn 30%.
They Save 30%!

You get 30% for spreading the love by sharing the exclusive promo code we provide with your unique referral link, so your friends can save 30% on their upgrade.


Log into your account and select the refer-a-friend option from your dashboard. Don’t have an account? Sign up!


Get your unique referral link and track your rewards and share with friends, family and social networks.


Earn 30% rewards automatically when your friend's signup from your unique referral link and successful upgrade their account.

Help Others To Get To Know More Than Just Your Name

Why do I need AudioNames?

AudioNames provide various features in the form of interactive cards to build your name page and bio. It is a personal brand tool that allows you to craft a site, digital business cards, email signature, team showcase, etc. Also, helps you to learn the right pronunciation of anyone's name from real people.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between correct pronunciation and learning. All the contributed content is subject to quality control reviewed by AudioNames dictionary moderators.

Try out AudioNames for yourself

Have Questions
About AudioNames?
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We have written down answers to some
of the frequently asked questions.

AudioNames referral program is a program for our customers where they can refer and bring their families and friends to AudioNames. In addition to bringing their friends, customers can also earn 30% referral bonus, while the friend/family member receives a 30% discount.
​​​​​​No. To qualify for a reward, the registration must be completed online using your unique link.
Anyone can join, when you signup AudioNames account you'll receive your unique referral link from inside your account.
No, Your friend may only use one referral link when signing up. However, there is no limit to the number of people you refer from your single unique referral link.
A successful referral refers to anyone that has been upgraded to a Pro account, that originated from your unique referral link, that is not cancelled, refunded, or returned. The 30% will be credited 14 days after a purchase is deemed successful.
Log in to your AudioNames Account. From the main menu, go to Refer a Friend. Share your unique referral link using the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or with an email message. You can also copy and paste your personal referral link directly into a message or post it on a website, blog post, or landing page.
When your friends receive your unique referral link and click on it, they will be redirected to the AudioNames sign up page. Once they have signed up a free account, you have successfully generated a referral. To get qualify 30% referral bonus and your friend a 30% discount they must upgrade their free account to Pro account. The discount coupon will expire within 30 days of their free account created and they must upgrade to Pro account within 30 days for you both qualify.
Firstly, sign in to the AudioNames account. Now, from the main menu, tap on the Refer a Friend option. Next, click on the track your invites option to keep an eye on it.
Sorry, no. You have to have an active account to start referring your friends.
For full details, feel free to review the Referral Program Terms & Conditions
All referral earnings go straight to your AudioNames account balance, which you can then spend on your own account (for example, to upgrade or renew your own Pro plan), or simply request as a cashout via PayPal.

Build personal branding,
Grow your online presence &
Achieve your marketing goals.

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