About AudioNames

AudioNames is an online name pronunciation dictionary made by and for the people from multi-lingual and multi-racial communities to make it easy for them to have their names pronounced the right way.

What is the problem that AudioNames strive to solve?

Names could be different. Different people from different races may have the same name with the same spelling but with different pronunciations. Also, there is a case of the same pronunciation of a name but with different spellings. Then there is also the case of gender, language, race, silent letters, and a lot more that constitute the confusion in pronouncing a name the right way. AudioNames makes it all so simple.

AudioNames helps people pronounce a name accurately, just how the name bearer wishes others to say their name. Everyone can learn the right pronunciation of anyone's names and everyone can contribute pronunciations of their names and also the pronunciations of the known names in their languages.

AudioNames is more than a name pronunciation dictionary. We aim to include more information about a name so others who come and visit to learn the pronunciation of a name can understand the name value as well. Thus along with the pronunciation, they will also learn the meaning of a name, name origin, the story behind a name, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciation and phonetic spelling, and more. Because every name should be celebrated.

At AudioNames, We Empower You To: Teach

Help others.

Give back.

Share with others.


Learn new names.

Make discoveries.

Ask them directly.


Make an impact.

Language preservation.

Knowledge sharing.

We hope you enjoy using AudioNames online.

Still, have a question about AudioNames? Please contact us.

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