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AudioNames connects both the pronouncer and the person whose name is mispronounced to perfect the way names are pronounced.

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AudioNames One Purpose
The platform helps people who have trouble pronouncing the names of others and people whose names are often mispronounced.

How AudioNames Works


Is your name always mispronounced by others? that can be fixed! If you don't correct, no one else will do it for you.


Ever had trouble pronouncing someone's name? Learn now! Getting someone's name right is a simple sign of respect.


In practice mode, you can record your pronunciation and Hear how you pronounced until you get the correct way.


Share your audio name page with personalized name links in the social bio, embed your name card into email & website.

Add your name pronunciation Easy to set up - Easy to use AudioNames provide various features to make your name pronunciation easy.
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Pronunciation Plugin Audio names pronunciation within your CRMs or web apps.
Custom About Us Audio name cards to integrate into your site's subdomain.
Business Solutions Tools to teach your business or organization person names.
Private Solutions Internally hosted solution within your companies & institutions.
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