Combine and display feeds from
multiple social media platforms

All-in-one social media management widget that
embeds social media feeds on your website to
build credibility and conversions.

Why Use Social Media Feed?

Central hub

Combine and create attractive social content feeds from multiple platforms – YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and much more.

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No designers needed

This widget allows you to customize the ready-made theme and give your own touch exactly the way you want. No more investing your money and time in hiring any designers.

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Higher brand recognition

Embedding and showcasing your content from different platforms in front of other people can do wonders for your business and help your visitor remember for a longer time.

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Boost your conversion rate

Adding your best content on your website from different sources can act as social proof that can easily convert your clicks into forever happy customers.

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How Does It Work?

Design, deploy and display all it once.


Embed social media feed widget

This widget of AudioNames grants you full control over what you want to display to your targeted audience. Therefore, collect the best photos, videos, gifs, etc. from other interaction platforms.
You can easily enable and disable the elements that you want to showcase such as author name, author picture, date, source, action bar, and much more.

Design impressively in seconds

Achieve a higher interaction rate with a fully adaptive layout. Customize exactly the way you want to make it look as impressive as possible.
Design your feed with an attractive layout such as background color, fonts, logo, popup settings, postcard, and much more. Customize in a way that users enjoy engaging with your content.

Set on your website

Embed a widget on the website that you are proud of. Include your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to your website for building credibility and increasing conversions.
You can embed your social media feed by adding code or using the widget on the AudioNames site builder platform. Simply copy and paste the code and you are good to go.

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features of AudioNames

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Overall Analytics

Keep a track of performance to know the overall views your content has got.

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Template and theme

Use an attractive template as per your industry for your audience to connect and convert.

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Save time

Add attractive and responsive layout on any website in just no time.

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Frequent Asked

We are here happy to help you!

What is Social Media Feed?
It is one of the widgets in AudioNames allowing you to create custom impressive content from multiple networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more to showcase on your website directly.
Follow the below steps to aggregate from the different platform:
  • From the AudioNames dashboard, click on the Widget options.
  • Look for a Social feed and start creating one.
  • Choose the template and customize it as per your choice.
  • Click on the save option and start creating a site.
  • Now, drag and drop the feed option and publish it.
Yes, as a user you have the complete freedom to design and add it to any website. Copy and paste this code into the desired place of your website such as HTML editor, website template, theme, etc. and you are good to go.
Certainly, you can design your social wall easily. It allows you to change the appearance and style of your widgets by changing the color scheme, bg color, etc in just no time.
From the editor section of the widget, click on the layout option. Out of the five choices- Grid, Masonry, List, Carousel, Slider. Choose a Carousel and display it in the respective format.

Get socially different

Why wait to create a beautiful social media feed?

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Save this name for later Don't have time for it now? No problem, save it and use or share it with others later. Don't have time for it now? No problem, save it and use or share it with others later.

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