Create a Great impact with
Audio Name and Bio

Rebuild your personal brand that looks professional,
drives traffic and wins business. Uncover trends and
strategies to stand out from the crowd by increasing
sales, gaining visitors, filtering sales
funnel, and beyond.

Power up your online presence

The profile card qualifies to connect and convert your
visitors into happy customers with an attractive
profile card rather than a boring online
traditional card.

Delight your new visitors

Delight all your visitors by including highly engaging necessary information about yourself to grow your business faster and gain credibility.

Secure email data

Higher rate of engagement

Promote your services, products, social media links, and contact details all on a single space with an attractive professional profile card to engage your customers.

Secure email data

Available round the clock

Take care of promoting and marketing your service/ products even in your absence. Convert leads even without an active sales team to advertise like a pro.

Secure email data

Higher Business Transparency

All information counts to engage with your visitors. Profile card is designed with the whole business in our mind from creating a bio that builds credibility and loyalty.

Secure email data

Switch from clutter
to systematic


Onboard with ease

Learn to leverage AudioNames' easy-to-use profile card widgets to set up a stunning bio for others to connect and convert.
  • Create an account and record your name pronunciation.
  • Include impressively details in the About me section.
  • Add highlights and additional links.
  • Create multiple profile cards as you’d like, with different information on each card.

Show off your content

Impressively introduce yourself with your content to attract the right clients. The popup will allow others to get a closer look at your content.
  • Include content that sells your service or product.
  • Skip the fields that you don’t want to fill.
  • Add multiple links if you want to showcase your skills, accomplishment, and assistance.
  • Give social media links as they are going to serve as your identifier.

Easy embeddable widget

Our AudioNames Profile card offers to embed the code easily on any other website or blog without any hassle that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.
  • From the widgets option, look for a profile card.
  • Click on it, and look for Add to website option.
  • Copy and paste the complete code to any website or blog.

Explore the other features
of AudioNames

Learn more

Choose Embed Icon

Select to display either info or AudioNames icon of your choice next to your name.

Learn more

Add Audio Name

Impressively introduce yourself by recording your name pronunciation correctly with AudioName.

Learn more

Set Default Profile

This widget offers you a choice to display different profiles to your clients, work contacts, or friends.

Learn more

Frequent Asked

Confused about the widgets?
Find all your answers here.

What is a Profile card?
It is an easy-to-manage widget to create a bio for visitors to know about you. It allows you to showcase all your profile credentials, social links, and contact us all in one place.
Yes, you can do it, manually. You can include only information that you want your visitors or leads to know.
Certainly yes. Depending on the package you choose, there is a limitation. To get detailed information, look at our pricing page.
Yes! Depending on the package you choose, you can create any number of profiles. However, AudioNames offers a chance to choose which you want to keep as your default profile.
An attractive bio serves you to showcase to your visitors what you do and sell your expertise. You can include – educational credentials, social links, contact details, etc.

Brand your identity!

AudioNames Profile card is your social identity to turn traffic into sales.

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