Switch to a Smarter Way to Capture Leads
with Contactless Digital Card

Create a new digital age contactless digital business card
for you and your teams to raise sales rate, attain quality
connections, and save mother earth.

Contactless Digital Card Is
Everything You Need

Connect and share your digital business card
with your prospects like never before.

Capture and organize sales leads

Your business needs an online existence. Create and customize your contactless digital card by embedding your name pronunciation and bio to share online and offline.

Secure email data

Track your clicks and views

Make decisions with real-time insights and the performance of your digital business card. Track your traffic graph, age, page views, bounce rate, and much more.

Secure email data

Handle brand management

Create and manage digital business cards for your business, departments, or individuals in just a few clicks. Include your promotional images to advertise in your own way.

Secure email data

100% Eco-friendly

Let’s switch from a traditional to a virtual connection. Almost millions of trees are cut down every year to print physical business cards. Therefore, say no and take it to safe mother earth.

Secure email data

How to Design Your Own Contactless Digital
Business Card with AudioNames?


Craft a hassle-free card

Designing more than just a business card with AudioNames to build a virtual connection with your clients. Customize templates with complete control over colors, layout, logo, photo, social links, and much more without investing much of your time.
  • Select a template and customize it from the site option.
  • Include photos, social links, etc.
  • Preview and publish it.

Send instantly to anyone

Put an end to the traditional way of sharing your business cards for anyone and anytime to contact you instantly. The recipient need not download an application or create a new account to view your business card with anyone and anywhere.
  • Share with your team members with restricted access to alter.
  • Or else, share with anyone any clicking on the analytics option.
  • Now copy and share the site link name with anyone.

Upscale business with smart insights

AudioNames allows you to measure the performance and make thoughtful decisions with real-time insights. It showcases the right metrics, organized in detail on the dashboard to track the performance.
  • From the site dashboard click on the statistic.
  • View your traffic graph, source, page views, and much more.
  • As per the report make changes to skyrocket the traffic and conversion.

Usage examples

See a selection of real examples to explore the full potential of Instagram Feed for your website.

Usage examples

See a selection of real examples to explore the full potential of Instagram Feed for your website.

There's lots to choose from

Explore more

Easy & Compatible

Instantly share your digital card by embedding audio name pronunciation and bio with your prospects.

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Always up-to-date

Allows you to keep your friends & clients updated with the latest information and never run out of the card.

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Eco-friendly solution

Say no to cluttered paper cards and yes to convenient digital cards to protect the environment.

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Frequently Asked

Confused about AudioNames Contactless
digital business card?

Go through our FAQ to get clarity.

Can I use this card if I’m a freelancer?
Of course, you can use it. Whether you are an artist, blogger, marketer, entrepreneur, agency, etc. If you are willing to promote and elevate your business, this card helps you to reach your audience.
With AudioNames, there is a limitation in the number of times your card can be viewed. You can share only with your team members or any prospects based on the plan you’ve selected.
You can create multiple cards as per your requirement. However, there is a restriction on the number of sites you can create. Each package has different features that you can access.
Prepare your digital business card which you can easily share with your clients when meeting online or offline. You and your staff can go digital means you can create, share, and track your card instantly to create a lasting impression on your clients.
We not only help give a professional touch to your card but also make it look responsive to various devices.

Let’s make it together.

Nurture your relationship with your prospects and clients effortlessly.

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