Embed and Manage Multiple
Links for Your Bio

Don’t go with the tools that provide only a styling option. Use the
OneLink solution to bring unlimited links on an Instagram bio that
you don’t want your audience to ignore.

Multiple Links, Endless Possibilities

Showcase your expertise in one place by adding
multiple content links from multiple social
channels to just one link.

Optimize your Bio

OneLink is designed to bring a collection of multiple videos, email, image, etc. that you want to share with your followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook bio, etc.

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Schedule your posts

Simply schedule your posts on the go with AudioNames and forget it as your post will automatically be published as per your requirement.

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Create a landing page with clickable links

Thumbnails along with the content link are perfect to catch anyone’s attraction instantly. Every time you publish a new link add it on the landing page with an image.

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Drag and drop widget

Adjust all your content link by dragging and dropping them in an order you want to showcase to your audience. You can either include it in any website or Instagram, Twitter, Facebook bio, etc.

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What Makes AudioNames OneLink
Stand Apart?


Flexible widget for any device

OneLink handles everything with sleek and solves the problem of managing multiple links on your website or bio with zero coding.
Manage clickable buttons that contains other content links that you can add to Instagram bio and website. The widget will automatically adjust to any screen resolution to make it look responsive.

Show off your content

Display any number of your favorite content in the most attractive manner to share almost any type of content on your bio link.
With AudioNames, you also get a chance to enable or disable any content as per your wish. It allows you to prioritize your content to show at first so that your audience doesn’t miss it.

Data & Statistics

OneLink is designed to give you the freedom to track the exact analytics for each of the links directly from the dashboard.
Keep track of the number of views you get for each of the links or on the whole. Take a quick glance at the performance using our OneLink.

There’s a cluster of exciting tools
to choose from

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Gain traffic from multiple channels

Ensure your clients find all your best content in one place to attract traffic and sales conversion.

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Higher customer engagement

Embed links anywhere on your website or bio to encourage engagement on your content.

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Extent your business goals

AudioNames OneLink helps you to enhance the user experience in the context of business objectives.

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Frequent Asked

Get solutions for all your
queries here!

What is OneLink?
OneLink from AudioNames is a widget that allows you to embed and manage your favorite links all in one place. It gives you a chance to showcase your best or recent content from multiple platforms to attract clients.
OneLink can be easily embedded in your website or include in your bio with zero code in a few minutes.
  • Start to create a website or landing page.
  • Add the OneLink widget to include any number of multiple links on your website.
  • Make it look attractive by customizing the appearance.
  • View statistics with date to track the performance.
Track the analytics by clicking on the OneLink widgets.

Select the analytics option available.

Check the overall views and clicks you have got on each date.

No, other is no restriction to the number you can include on your website or any of the social profiles.
Of course, you can use the same link for all your social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You name any social accounts and place it with our bio link tool.

Wish to use your multiple content
link that converts more?

Nurture your relationship with your prospects and clients effortlessly.

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