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A completely new toolkit to create a personal website,
landing pages, interactive forms, email signatures,
business digital card, one link, hosted about us page,
and more with your audio name and bio.

Free Forever No App Required No Credit Card Required 10+ Users? Get a Demo
Create in 5 minutes.
No coding and design skills required.
For schools, teams & individuals — web, mobile, Mac, Windows.
Establish a connection with your audience
Establish a connection with your audience
Establish a connection with your audience
Establish a connection with your audience

What can you build with AudioNames?
For both online and physical

Embed your audio anywhere

Kwang Yeon Hae

Embed your audio anywhere
Kwang Yeon Hae
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See live preview →

Name Pronunciation With Bio

Impressively introduce yourself by embedding your name pronunciation and bio profile on any website or blog.

Easy customizable

Built-in Analytics

Drive more traffic

Custom Display Rules

Convenient and compatible

Microsite Builder

Use your name pronunciation, bio profile and Infuse your social media content to craft personalized growth-focused microsites.

Bio-Link Solution

Personal About Me Website

Microsites Builder

Landing Page Builder

Conversational Form Builder

A more human conversation approach to create and use forms with different types of fields to capture leads from your visitors directly into lead inbox.

Contact Page, Forms & Survey

Meeting, Booking & Orders

Feedback & Callback Requests

Questions From Your Prospects

Email Signature Maker

Use your name pronunciation, bio profile, and add your site link to create a branded email signature with banner campaigns in a few minutes for you and your team.

Responsive Designs

30 Templates

Banner Campaigns

Built-in Analytic

Compatible with all Email Service Provider

Contactless Digital Business Card

Design your own contactless digital business card with bio and audio name pronunciation, which you can share with your clients online or offline.

Always up-to-date

Data Analytics


Share it from anywhere & anytime

Add videos, web URLs, and more.


Embed multiple important links to any website or blogs from different platforms that you don’t want your audience to ignore.

Share anything

Boost engagement

Easily manage links

Hassle-free tracking

100% customizable

Team Showcase

Empower your educators, students, staff, teams, and customers to know each other and learn how to pronounce their names correctly.

Widget Ready

Hosted About Us Page

Built-in Styles and Themes

Password-protected Internal or Private mode

Team/Staff Members by Position or Departments


Build stronger bonds with-in the organizations and companies of all types and sizes, schools and colleges for internal use.

Employee Directory

Team/Staff Members by Position or Departments

Fully Private Mode / Password-protected

Hosted On Your Company Domain

Multi-Location Supported

AudioNames has the right solution for everyone!

Whether you're an individual, blogger, famous person, schools, colleges, agencies, enterprises, investors, We've got you covered.

For Individual
For Influencers
For Teams and corporates
For School and Institutes
Elevate your business journey

Easily publish your profile, share across multiple platforms, and track your visitors.

  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Easy content updates
  • Deep Insights
Ideal for:
  • Small-scale business individual
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
Optimize an individual's personal brand
Kwang yeon hae Online

How to pronounce my name

About me


Links to social profiles

Contact me

Password protected page

Crowdsourced Names Pronunciation Dictionary

Join Our Thriving User Community

Participate in AudioNames Dictionary to share your knowledge and help others.

Look It Up Search any time to learn the right pronunciation of anyone's name.
Contribute Join 200+ Contributors helping each other get better.
Earn IQ Collect badges and IQ to unlock levels for your Contribution.
Certificate Get a certificate of recognition for pronouncing 500 names in a year.
Practice Mode Record your pronunciation and practice how to pronounce names.
Request Give requests to AudioNames contributors for correct pronunciation.

You Can Use AudioNames as An Alternative to:

You can replace 4 to 5 apps

  • Name Pronunciation
  • Bio Link Solution
  • Personal Website Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • One Page Builder
  • Email Signature Solution
  • Contactless Digital Card
  • Conversational Form Builder
Brizy Cloud
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AudioNames referral program is a program for our customers where they can refer and bring their families and friends to AudioNames. In addition to bringing their friends, customers can also earn 30% referral bonus, while the friend/family member receives a 30% discount.
​​​​​​No. To qualify for a reward, the registration must be completed online using your unique link.
Anyone can join, when you signup AudioNames account you'll receive your unique referral link from inside your account.
No, Your friend may only use one referral link when signing up. However, there is no limit to the number of people you refer from your single unique referral link.
A successful referral refers to anyone that has been upgraded to a Pro account, that originated from your unique referral link, that is not cancelled, refunded, or returned. The 30% will be credited 14 days after a purchase is deemed successful.
Log in to your AudioNames Account. From the main menu, go to Refer a Friend. Share your unique referral link using the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or with an email message. You can also copy and paste your personal referral link directly into a message or post it on a website, blog post, or landing page.
When your friends receive your unique referral link and click on it, they will be redirected to the AudioNames sign up page. Once they have signed up a free account, you have successfully generated a referral. To get qualify 30% referral bonus and your friend a 30% discount they must upgrade their free account to Pro account. The discount coupon will expire within 30 days of their free account created and they must upgrade to Pro account within 30 days for you both qualify.
Firstly, sign in to the AudioNames account. Now, from the main menu, tap on the Refer a Friend option. Next, click on the track your invites option to keep an eye on it.
Sorry, no. You have to have an active account to start referring your friends.
For full details, feel free to review the Referral Program Terms & Conditions
All referral earnings go straight to your AudioNames account balance, which you can then spend on your own account (for example, to upgrade or renew your own Pro plan), or simply request as a cashout via PayPal.

Let your friend enjoy 30% discounts

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