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About AudioNames

AudioNames exist not only to pronounce your name correctly by your prospects but also as a tool for turning your profile to attract potential leads and help you grow.

Build your personal brand to help people know about you when they hear your name and your online presence across social media. It’s critical to craft your personal brand strategy and build one that helps advance your career and your life to grab new opportunities and connections that can change your life.

Challenges that drives AudioNames

AudioNames helps you to establish an online personal brand with its in-built features like My sites, email signature, digital business card, team showcase, and much more. Create an account and start to explore the exciting features.

AudioNames is an all-in-one personal brand tool made by and for people from multi-lingual and multi-racial communities to make it easy to have a strong online personal brand.

Apart from this, AudioNames dictionary helps to put an end to people mispronouncing your name and stops you from feeling embarrassed in public. A name carries information about your personality, family, and nationality, and generally, it is pronounced wrongly by most people. This is when AudioNames comes into the picture.

We allow you to record& embed your own name and design a personalized web page, email signature, digital business card, etc., and allow you to share your profile over the internet.

Also, the AudioNames dictionary aims to include more information about your name so others who come to take a glance at your profile can know more about you and your work. Thus, along with the pronunciation, they will also learn the meaning of a name, name origin, the story behind a name, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciation and phonetic spelling, and more as every name is meant to be remembered.

This is for anyone who is willing to build an online presence such as freelancers, small business owners, agencies, artists, influencers, etc. If you belong to any of these categories then don't wait any further.

At AudioNames, We Empower You To:

Build personal site/bio-link/ team showcase/ email signature/ digital business card in just a few minutes.

Put an end to the mispronunciation of your names by recording, embedding, and sharing it on any website or blog.

The AudioNames dictionary offers an opportunity to everyone to share name pronunciations and knowledge through contributing to the AudioNames dictionary and helping everyone learn the correct pronunciation.

Still, have a question about AudioNames? contact us.

Build personal branding,
Grow your online presence &
Achieve your marketing goals.

Free forever. Set up in minutes. No credit card required.