Teach, Learn, Practice & Share
to Pronounce Names Right

AudioNames connects both the pronouncer and the person whose
name is mispronounced to perfect the way names are pronounced.

Access to the private beta is by invitation only.

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How to pronounce any name the right way?

Here's how you do it with AudioNames. No more guesses at how to say a name.


Help people by recording the pronunciation of your name.


Request for the AudioNames to get the right pronunciation.


Learn how to pronounce by listening to the AudioNames.


Use practice mode to record any name by yourself and listen to it.

How to correct name mispronunciations ?

AudioNames provide various features to make name pronunciations easy.

Name Card Widgets

Embed your AudioNames card to your websites and blogs that help the audience and clients to know your exact name pronunciation.

Coming Soon

Personalized Links

Get 10 custom short AudioNames links to use online and offline such as CV, bio, visiting card, social profiles and everywhere.

Coming Soon

Email Signature

Email signature with your AudioNames card. Easily paste your new email signature anywhere. It works with your favorite email client.

Coming Soon

Name Challenge

Create a fun name challenge to see if your friends got your name right. Helps them learn how to say your name the way you want.

Coming Soon

Pronunciation Sidebar

Use AudioNames sidebar plugin to know your prospects' accurate name pronunciation within your CRMs or web apps for better communication.

Coming Soon

Custom About Us

Get custom about us page with a bio and AudioNames card for your entire company's team and integrate it into your website's subdomain.

Coming Soon

Private Solutions

Internally hosted solution with a private password to get the AudioNames service within your companies and educational institutions.

Coming Soon

Request Pronunciation

Send requests to known prospects, clients or customers to add pronunciation or if it is an unknown person, just ask our users to add them.

Coming Soon

AudioNames For You!

Your Name. Your Pride. Your Identity. Learn and Teach the perfect name pronunciations.

Coming Soon

Let's stop mispronouncing
names from today!

Access to the private beta is by invitation only.

Say All Names with Confidence using AudioNames, so:
  • No need to ask anyone for an easier name/nickname.
  • No need to ask anyone for an English name.
  • No need to add/remove letters to any name.
  • No need to address anyone he/she instead of saying the names.
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